Behind Bars


30 Day challenge – post 15, write about a character wrongly accused of a crime


There it was, my life brought to a halt, to a stop, to a stand still. There I was, staring at all the other dingy, grey jump suits. Hopeless.

It was 3 week ago, the happening, I watched as 3 guys jumped through the store window, masked from head to toe in black, leather gloved hands holding menacing looking semi automatics. They just wanted money out of the register, they didn’t want anything to do with me, the innocent bystander. Just in and out… clean, quick job.

Thing is, the registrar fought back, he screamed and shouted and told them to leave or he would call the police, whilst holding firm onto the till.  They refused, held a gun to his head and waited whilst the guy pulled a bat out from under the counter and swung wildly.

Never in my life have I heard such a sickening sound, that full stop in someones life. Blood splattered, he went limp, he dropped to the floor with a lifeless thud. I panicked, I froze as I watched the robbers run out the store, stopping briefly only to force the gun into my hand. I stood there, shocked, dumbfounded. WHY DID HE FIGHT BACK? WHAT THE HELL DO I DO? WHY DON’T MY FEET WORK!? My internal monologue continued to scream, synchronizing itself with the whir of police sirens until the cops burst through the door, saw the gun in my hand and cuffed me.

I told them, I told them how it all went down. There wasn’t enough evidence, no witness to back up my story and no CCTV to watch the story unfold. So here I am, soon to walk the green mile, dead man walking. God I love that book!

I will leave no family or friends, mental health issues mean I can’t make and keep friends and my family left this earth before me. The staff at the bank know me as the questionable, dodgy cleaner, they never spoke to me and I never spoke to them. I should have, they could have stood up for me in court, ‘nah your honor, not a bad bone in his body’. No one will visit this old man during his last days. No one. Here I am, behind bars, alone for all eternity.


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