A different point of view


So I’ve been away! Christmas holidays and all that jazz, it was nice to finally kick back, put my feet up and catch up with the world of literature.

Anyway, I’m back to carry on the 30 post challenge. ( I changed it from days a while ago … since I clearly failed to post just one a day or anything at all! )

Post 8: Write your life story from someone else’s point of view.

‘She seems ok today… I got many hugs and kisses and was even allowed to sleep in her bed, a day dedicated all to me!

I’ve been living with her for a while now, what seems like years, what seems like forever! Every day is different … well most of the time. She hasn’t been very well, she didn’t want to leave the house, she didn’t want to get dressed, she didn’t want to smile for the world and she didn’t have any motivation and yet I was there for her and she appreciated it, nothing better than a bed buddy! When she’s better I think she is amazing… she always feeds me and cuddles me but I don’t like it when she has to give me my medicines and I always kick up a fuss, I know she’s ok now because she laughs when I’m mid tantrum instead of gives up and cries.

When I found my home here, Vicky was working at a nursery, she looked after other peoples children until they finished work. She loved it, she’d come home and tell me all about the children. The girl that called her ‘teacher’, the boy who cried when he berried his own shovel in the sand pit, the baby who she watched pull herself up to standing for the very first time and many more! She cared so deeply for those kids. But the boss was mean to her, he dragged her down and not just in a boss man taking charge as they should kind of way. This was unprofessional. She cracked and said ‘no! I’m not, I can’t deal with this’ and so she phoned in sick and I watched as she got sick because of him! In the end, he fired her. Vicky was sad she wouldn’t see the children anymore, but happy she was away from that man!

And so began the job hunting days, she had a few part time jobs, dog grooming, bar staff, magazine columnist but they didn’t pay the bills. She struggled on to make sure I was well fed and cared for, she struggled on to keep the house and keep it standing and struggled on to keep the cupboards and fridge stocked.  Eventually she found full time work, she’s still there today! There’s no exciting stories to tell me when she gets home though… not really, but shes happy she can pay the bills and debts!

Friends are a huge part of Vicky’s life. Claire and Scott are her best friends, she confides in them and they’re always the first people she invites over or out! I don’t mind this, I like them, but something on my skin makes Claire poorly, she gets the sniffles and watery eyes and yet she puts up with it so she can be with Vicky. She met Claire at school, Claire was a victim of bullying and had no one. So Vicky befriended her, they’ve been friends ever since. 18 years of the perfect friendship! She has loads of other friends who she sees as often as she can she even has one that once got very drunk and was sick in the kitchen sink whilst proclaiming her undying love for everyone. One that spent every day with her for 2 years just because she could – even when Vicky was feeling down. A few that live too far away for her to see often, but she ensures she talks to them regularly because she says ‘that’s what long distance friends do!’ and many many more.

Family are an even bigger part of Vicky’s life, she talks to her dad almost every night,  they’re like best friends. She visits her mum and dad as often as she can and they visit us too, they are very cuddly and loving people! Her 2015 new years resolution is to make more time for family, she misses her grandparents very much, so this year is all about making time for them! 

Her brother got married last year, she was a bridesmaid, she looked beautiful and felt very VERY girly! She was so proud of her big brother, and so happy for him and is happy to have a sister! She’s making more time for these too, in fact they’ve organised many game nights and its only the 7th day of the year!

We live with a man, he’s good fun and I love him lots… I think she does too! So I don’t mind sharing her! Vicky says it’s been many failed, mistakes of relationships before this one, but she’s thankful for them all as they have taught her how to keep this one! 

So there you go… that’s my mum, that’s my human!’

There you have it, a rather brief life story of me, written as if I was my cat! I have quite the life story, many dramas, many ups and many downs. But I think it would make for a rather long blog post and re-opening doors I’m not quite ready to peek behind or maybe even open a door I don’t want to close again, a door I want to leave open – but I’m happy with my current open, closed and ajar doors in life.

Thank you for reading!



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