A Childhood Toy


30 post writing challenge – what was your favorite childhood toy. 

I was lucky as a child, I had many toys and a big brother to share with. Everyday was a new day in the world of our imagination, one day Barbies would be alongside Action Man saving the world, the next they’d be Action Mans teacher in Barbie School. Polly Pocket was selling matchbox cars along side her mansions and wedding chapel, whilst her friends were racing, crashing and winning. We had some glow in the dark roads, long thin white things that attached together… when not roads they were our light sabers used in our fight against the dreaded dark side. Our tamagotchis were fed together and died together. Lego was used to construct quaint little houses or huge army bases. Meccano made whatever we wanted it to be, machines, guns, cars ect. And many different games graced our game consoles.

When my brother didn’t want to play; my many teddies went to my school, baby Anable slept peacefully in her pram,

But my favorite toy… my all time favorite? Was a small teddy, I’m not even sure what creature it was meant to represent and I don’t think I was sure then. It was white with a goofy looking face, bright colored eyes and cheeks that puffed out, she was soft apart from her plastic head, arms and legs and about the size of an over weight hamster. There was an extra bit of fabric attached to her back that served as a sleeping bag when turned in one way or a back pack when turned out the other. I have no idea what happened to her, but from my childhood toys she really sticks out in my mind!

Thanks for Reading! x


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