What Sets Me Apart From The Crowd?


Day 7 —What sets you apart from the crowd?

I’m not very good when it comes to bragging about myself, my  most dreaded questions in job interviews are; ‘what sets you apart from the crowd?’ ‘sell yourself’ and ‘what are your strengths?’  So to answer this question I am going to try and avoid the negatives that set me apart and focus on the good… maybe it will be quite therapeutic and ego boosting for me!

What sets me apart from the crowd? Well I can drop my entire worries and doubts instantly if someone needs support, help or cheering up. (They sadly come back of course!) I took my partners mum for an evening out, we had a meal and a trip to the cinema, throughout i had excruciating stomach cramps… but I put on my mask to look after her, this after all was an outing to cheer her up! The collapse against the front door as i shut it was rather dramatic, but I had bottled in tears and scrunchy faces for a very long time! I’m yet to learn to do this for people I don’t like!

I like to think my fashion sense sets me apart too… I’m not dramatic with it or anything but I like to look myself and not like everyone else. Retro dresses done up with a modern belt and shoes so they instantly look fresh and new, that kind of thing! I like this about myself, I don’t want to become a sheep! (Rocking a poncho today!)

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE fashion! I have a draw in the study filled purely with doodles of my own designs, I enjoy looking at red carpet photos and admiring the beautiful work of designers and I love dressing up my friends in the latest trends when we go clothes shopping. I just like my personal fashion to be a little bit different.


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