Lost in Translation


Well folks, its nearing that time of year again and I look forward to spending time with my family and not having to worry about work for a couple of days! The only down side to Christmas is the fact that people don’t want builders and engineers in their restaurants … so there is no need for me to manage them! I spend a lot of November and December sat twiddling my thumbs.

Today’s activity to make my morning go a little bit quicker was to look up translations for songs I enjoy and sing along to at the top of my lungs, with no actual clue as to what I’m singing about! I VERY quickly learnt that I have in fact said things I never thought I would, I have sang and shouted profanities that would make anybodies toes curl and I’ve enjoyed myself! So I decided to stop looking into these German songs and just enjoy my blissful ignorance!!

Next on my list was to see how much of my French I remember from school, was there actually much point to 4 hours a week shouting in another language to the wonderful Ms Britton? Shouting it, yes … writing it no! My french spelling is atrocious despite getting A’s in my written exams. Speaking it? Well I can tell you were I live, I can say random animals, body parts and foods but I can’t put them into a coherent sentence.  So that’s me going to struggle in France!

That’s that then … guess I’ll stick to English!


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