Wedding Woes



I have the ever so exciting joys of being able to join my Brother in his big day and be there when his beautiful bride walks down the isle… I may be falling over a long bridesmaids dress and giggling on the champagne we shall be drinking whilst getting ready… but I will be there, all bridesmaidy!

This Saturday is hen do number 2, (yep… the bride wanted 2!) and the following Saturday is the big day!

So here I am to have a bit of a rant! How gosh darn expensive is this wedding business? Not just for the bride and groom and parents… but the guests and friends too! Hen do number one emptied my bank account as we all drank and watched the bride to be drunkenly throw up all over her shoes, whilst wearing our costumes. The theme was Dolly Parton… 20 Dolly Partons running drunkenly round town throwing cash at bar staff demanding those ‘free’ shots! So, yes, costume including giant blonde wig plus new shoes (of course) and many many drinks meant bye bye that months wages!

Hen do number 2 is a little more low key than the first, a meal and cocktail making… in a big, fancy, EXPENSIVE restaurant/bar. Sniffle… bye bye this months wage!

Thankfully… things work out a bit cheaper for me than the other wedding guests… bridesmaid dress, make-up and hair is paid for by the brides family! (I feel for them but I sigh in relief!) But then of course there will be drinks to buy on the wedding night, taxis home and plasters for all those dancing blisters!  … See ya later next months wage… you will have a credit card to pay off!

I am still yet to find the perfect wedding present! Think they’ll notice if i wrap up a few of my old cups!?

I jest… i will of course try and get them something special. I love them both dearly and I’m grateful they trusted me enough with my roll on the day!

When I … sorry … ahem… If I… get married my hen do will most likely be a brew and a movie at home! Don’t worry folks you’ll be able to afford to attend!


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