Puss Cat Nostalgia



Today I purchased a book about the wonders of pussy cats, and if you’ve been following my blog, then I’m sure you’re aware, that I hope to make a future writing something similar. This book is a compilation of short stories by everyday cat owners, they aren’t looking for fame or recognition for themselves, but for the companion in their lives.
After reading a few stories it made me think about all the animals in my past. Their personalities and what they have done for me. I don’t think people realise how important pets are in our lives! Here I sit with my house mates pooch, who knew when I had come back from having a minor procedure at the hospital, that I was sore. The little love snuggled write up to where I was sore and kept it warm! Those little things really brighten up a dark/sad/painful experience.
Being a cat person I will always favour my kitty cats over a dog, but I’d never refuse the comfort of a dog if they wanted to give me it!
Suffering from depression is made just that bit easier when you have a cat like Otis, that little man of mine doesn’t care that you feel like sulking in bed all day, he will come and lay in bed all day with you, purring away. That fluff ball does not judge you when you cry, he sits with you, and maybe cries with you. No longer suffering from depression I feel I owe Otis a lot. So when he looks down, I’ll give him my undivided attention, when he sits and looks at me expectantly I will give him a quick cuddle and a scrag, and when he drops his birds and mice all over the garden I will not judge… He is probably the most spoilt cat in Yorkshire!
Jackson is my cuddly cat when I feel poorly. Cuddles are always on his terms, unless you’re feeling under the weather, he always knows! Nothing is quite so comforting as a Jackson cat cuddled up to your sweaty body! He doesn’t care if I have that musky poorly person smell!
Nostalgia hit me, and I thought about all the cats in my life, not just my current best friends. I thought back to how patient Dunlop, my child hood tabby, was… If I wanted to dress her up in my baby dolls clothes and stuff her in my pram, she’d let me. I thought back to how understanding Kinky was, my toddler time cat, I pulled her tail, I poked her, I wiped unwanted food on her and she never ones scratched or bit me, until I accidentally sat on her! I thought back to my teen years living with Princess, and despite how grumpy she is, she always managed to make the horrible chores a little less like a chore. She would follow you round the house and talk away to you, even more so if you talked back (old age means she now spends her days hiding in mums bedroom, sleeping all day). I even thought back to my early adult hood with the three legged treasure that is bump, and how despite her injuries still ran about the house like a nutter, still played for hours with you and still managed to be a cheery cat, even now with age added to a missing leg, she is still 100% a kitten. The biggest thing that she has done for me, is not disowning me despite the fact I moved away, she still loves me and still greets me with her happy chirps as if everything’s the same. Finally I thought back to the sad time that the little angel that came into our lives for a short time, our blind grey kitten Mouse who went missing and was found dead. This made me realise how the little creatures claim a place in your heart from day one! To conclude my nostalgia, cats are amazing creatures!

As always, thanks for reading!


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