Childhood Games and Grown Up Jobs

Laying awake, I got to thinking about times gone by, people gone by and life gone by and realised how often when your younger the games, the times and the people are usually the things that set your mind to career. For example, a close friend of mine did nothing but play hair dressers and beauticians when she was younger, and now… that’s her life, her income and her pride. An ex friend of mine used to help me perform intricate operations on my teddies (often resulting in fluffy white stuffing all over the floor) is now (or so I have heard) a practising vet. My first ever best friend and I used to pretend we were Sooty and Sweep and just run around the play ground squeaking at each other. (He’s now in the entertainment business!)

I’m sure the vicars and ministers out there used to play ‘weddings’ or give inspirational speeches to their teddies about God and the possibilities. I’m pretty sure Bill Oddie spent the majority of his play ground days hunting down imaginary badgers and birds. quite possibly, the greatest police officers used to chuck their friends in the ‘slammers’ on a regular lunch break and teachers probably used to bore their dolls and teddies teaching them how to be human. This got me thinking as to how my child hood games gave me no chance of settling on a career. Monday to Friday I was T-Rex or a Valosaraptor (I apologise for the spelling!) running away from hunters and hunting out my food then when I got home, I would chase my older brother around the house flailing plastic rods around pretending I was Yoda or pink power ranger (clearly avoiding homework). Of course the child hood play varied, depending on mood and who I was playing with, but these were the more common games. 

Then we all got a bit older, and dinosaurs turned into ‘kissy cats’, that awful game were the girls chased the boys, and once caught had to kiss. This usually just ended up in embarrassed giggling and a cry of ‘ew cooties!’ soon followed by running off and avoiding eye contact with that person for the rest of the day. Being Yoda soon turned into being Wesley Crusher curing my brothers alien illness’s, then going on a huge battle with the dreaded Borg.

Then came the teen years of rebellion, which for me usually just ended up in injury or heavy grounding from the parents.

So based on my more common child hood games, according to my, made up in my head, but possibly true statistics… I am to be, a puppet, a master Jedi, an extinct creature, a space explorer or a mass sex pest and finally, maybe a hermit, stuck forever in the house. Think I’ll stick to writing! 

Think back to what you used to play; is that your job now? Is it your life? Is it your time consuming thing?

Funny how life works out for some people. Then again I could have just been thinking a load of rubbish… I should be asleep right now after all.


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