Call Yourself A Fan?!

I found this on an old blog of mine which has been deleted… but i still stand by my thoughts and opinions so thought I’d add it here! (originally wrote October 31st 2012!)

Due to not being a fan enough to follow the news of Greenday, but happy enough to sing along if someone puts them on the radio, I haven’t been aware of the latest goings on. Apparently Billy Joe has cancelled his recent tour dates due to being in rehabilitation. Whilst an addiction, some may argue, is not something to sympathize over, the family and friends are, so we should fully support the need to go to rehabilitation, Unlike Some people they rightfully didn’t say ‘no, no, no’. So as a result fans who have splashed out and bought tickets have lashed out. With such insults as;  

‘they are so * desperate to make * money one of their songs is twilight and that’s their advertising for there * album? I’ve been waiting 8 * years to go to one of your concerts and the one concert i finally have tickets to you * cancel. I used to be one of your biggest fans but all around just so * disappointed and upset. I cried when I saw my ticket for your guy’s concert and now I’m not even going. so this is * all around’

(Granted I altered some spelling and replaced words with stars, but this is just one of a ‘fans’ responses)

Personally I say go sort yourself out Billy Joe, your human, humans make mistakes, humans get ill. I’m sorry folks as much as you want them to be, famous people are not super heroes and neither are their families. This guy has kids, they don’t want to see their dad ill just because some fans couldn’t accept that he needs help.

It has been confirmed that a full refund will be made for all the purchased tickets and tour dates re-scheduled. So the only thing you’re loosing is the chance to see your favourite band live on original dates. Granted I would be disappointed, but not to the extent that I would lash out at the band and decide, ‘that’s it, I’m not a fan.’ How many days have you had sick off work this year? and has that resulted in your work mates disowning you? I didn’t think so.

The most recent thing for ‘fans’ to fall out with Greenday over, is due to the fact that they have a song featured in the newest instalment in the Twilight Saga. Trying very hard not to steer off into an argument as to why so many people hate Twilight I will divulge. To this news fans have stated such things as;

‘Wow! Are you kidding me? You know what I stuck up for you guys, when people would give me * for liking you guys. But I can’t do it anymore, you guys have just proved what everybody has always said about you, you are sell outs who have no class, and are removed from the artistic world, congrats you corpo sheeps!’

To this I say, dear fan, are you not the sheep? You have followed everyone else and lashed out, because Greenday are associated with Twilight, something deemed as un-cool if you show any form of interest. I actually wonder if this person has sat down and read the books, or watched any of the films, or did he like so many others, just follow the crowd? 

No one fell out with Survivor for having a song in the film Rocky III, those that hate boxing and everything it stands for did not throw their teddies out of the pram and say, ‘you know what Survivor, this crosses a line, I now hate you.’ Before you all get on your high horse and shout out about the fact that this film was amazing and Twilight isn’t, think about it. Its just a film, its just a song, if you don’t like the films then don’t watch them, no one is making you but if you claim to be a fan of Greenday then support your band. After all how else are Greenday going to advertise and publicize three new albums if they can’t tour right away? Plus if your all disowning them for such ‘ridiculous’ acts, they need to re grow their fan base.

So ‘fans’ stop bullying and get over it, they’re only human and it’s only a film.


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