Kitty Cat Havoc!

After spending half my morning cleaning up discarded cat biscuits, untangling my youngest cat from the blinds and chasing the dog away from a used cat tray, I decided we all needed some advice to save us from pulling our hair out and spitting fur balls.

  1. Moving into a new home already furnished and decorated may seem like a dream come true, for your cat maybe! Not so much for you. Blinds on your windows may look classy and modern but not so much if you forget to lint roll them from the cat hairs and if you have a small furry friend and a fly tangled at the top screaming for help… Blinds? Not a good idea.
  2. Plan on saving your three piece suite? Think again, in the eyes of a cat, soft, plush velvet or smooth, shiny leather just says one thing… ‘Scratch me!’ If your cats are anything like mine, your luxurious sweet will be a much preferred tool for sharpening claws compared to that £10 bargain cat scratch post. I avoid expensive repair jobs by throwing blankets or throws over the sofa and chairs, this however results in an ideal place for your cat to hide after you have just shouted at him for ripping down the blinds, resulting in more shouting from you and a colourful blur of cat and sofa throw streaking through the house.
  3. Hazardous trips and falls are inevitable in a house with cats like mine. After shouting at your cat for digesting half the beads and string that hold your blinds together, you will most likely find he will maliciously (I’m sure of it) place his jingly balls and cat nip mice on the edge of the steps, directly in your path or in your shoes. With this I can only advise to tread carefully. As for that discarded sofa throw, which has now been dragged around the house, keep your eyes peeled and beware the kitten hiding underneath waiting to pounce on your unsuspecting toes!
  4. After such events your cat may start to show signs of being tired, usually resulting in your cat looking all cute and curling up. Do not be fooled, this is when your cat likes to have his final attack and scrag your hand before falling asleep.
  5. Whilst your little fur ball is sleeping, this is prime time to watch some peaceful telly. Avoid nature channels, as the chirps and squeaks of birds may result in your kitty waking from a deep slumber and throwing all his weight at the telly. Another expensive repair job maybe.
  6. after all this, you will be getting tired, and tired means you letting your guard down. So let your cat outside (if he is an outside cat) and let him burn off some steam running about outside. Whatever you do, do not walk outside to shout him back in, bare foot… Half chewed creatures are not nice between your toes. After discarding the ‘present’ from your pet, give up, get a cuppa and realise, this is all the joys of having a cat. Cherish the quiet times with your furry friend.

As you can tell I had a rather eventful morning trying to get ready for work!


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